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      Promote Your Hotels

      Are you a part of the growing Online Business?
      E-commerce is one of the fastest developing trends in the business world. With over 2 billion Internet users and about $600 billion revenue generated in B2C business alone, taking your brick and mortar business to the online space is the next step for expanding your business.
      India's e-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing among the developing countries of the world. With almost 75% of the transactions related to travelling, which includes railway, airline and hotel bookings, India's 10 million (and growing) online shoppers have reportedly conducted $14 billion worth transactions and are steadily expanding at the rate of 30% per year.
      Indian shoppers have busy and hectic lifestyles and they find convenience in buying things online. This is because they can compare brands, read unbiased reviews, get great offers and discounts and also avoid the frustration of standing in long queues!
      With the rise of the Internet and increased mobile penetration in the country, more and more people are able to avoid the stress and inconvenience of going to a physical store and buying or booking products and services.
      How is the hospitality industry benefitting from online business?
      The most advantageous side to this trend is the freedom to make hassle free travel bookings. Customers do not have to interact with travel agents or consider intermediaries commissions while deciding on their budgets.
      Travelers can now access information about flights, trains and hotels for every destination in the world! They can simply compare prices, shop for offers, see pictures and reviews by actual customers and then finalize the best deal with a few clicks. Hence, the entire marketing function - from interest generation to information gathering and sales pitch to closure can happen online.

      With the advent of online bookings, hotels find themselves that much closer to their prospective guests without extending commission to travel agents. The ability to provide direct sales to them allows hotels to offer discounts and schemes and promote themselves during off seasons as well. While every hotel in the world is creating their online presence, it is increasingly important to stand out and be noticed in the crowd.

      Online marketing for your hotel can ensure better visibility and lead generation in comparison to advertising through the print or television medium. While in case of print advertisements, huge investments
      are involved for your ad to appear in newspapers and magazines for a fairly short period of time. Your potential customers might easily miss it and before you know it, the advertisement is off.
      With minimal investment online, you can not only create visibility at relevant pages, but can also ensure that the right target audience views your advertisement and will give your marketing initiative a better return on investment.
      City Guide Page for Hotels
      City Guide Page caters to thousands of prospective guests looking for hospitality services like hotels, lodging and boarding services, bread and breakfast services, tour packages, sightseeing packages, etc. It is therefore an ideal platform for promoting your hotel. It provides you the opportunity to get in touch with your target audience and highlight your properties and the value added facilities you provide.
      Why promote your business with us?
      With a vast database and a customized platform for buyers and sellers, City Guide Page understands the need for lead generation program to provide a tailor-made approach for marketing in the hospitality business. We realize that the demographics of every hotel are highly differentiated from each other. Your hotel may cater to business visitors, executives, CEOs or might be the perfect location for travelers or a relaxing home away from home for families or couples on vacation.
      Our website is a platform that can carry comprehensive information about businesses. Instead of businesses going to the customers, we bring the right customers to you. Your association with us will ensure better visibility and more hits on your microsite for pertinent business opportunities.
      Our Lead Generation Program
      Advertising on City Guide Pages is fast, effective and flexible. Through constant upgradation and web analytics, we ensure that our website ranks higher among search results. This ensures that we have a nigh volume of visitors.
      When a registered user visits to our portal and types a query, an automatic alert is generated and the requirement is matched with the advertiser who is offering the said service.
      For example, if a user types, "budget hotel Udaipur", an automatic email/ sms alert is sent to those advertisers who are offering budget hotels in Udaipur. The contact details of the prospective client are passed on to the hotel so that they can follow up with the prospect and strike a deal!
      In addition to the automatic leads, advertisers also receive a customizable microsite. This will carry complete information like:
      • Name, logo and address of your hotel
      • Up to 10 images of your hotel
      • Up to 2 videos of your hotel
      Affordable Pricing
      City Guide Pages's services are available at an affordable annual listing price of just Rs. 2,500 per year!
      The package includes:
      • Comprehensive microsite for a year
      • 15 automated leads*
      • Admin rights to make unlimited changes, updates and modifications to your posting
      • Listing as "Sponsored Business"
      • 'Verified' icon next to your hotel - lends extra credibility *additional leads can be availed at Rs. 300 per lead
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