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      Make Your Trip Memorable With Your Kota Visit in Rajasthan

      History And Location
      India as a country provides a different experience in different states and cities. One may experience changes in weather, traditions, cuisines and eating habits and clothes completely different from each other. Kota, one of the most developed cities of Rajasthan state, should not be missed when visiting this beautiful country.

      Kota is one of the largest cities, situated on the Chambal river bank. This important city is the center for trade and many essential commodities are produced in this part of India.
      The Best Time To Visit
      • Though the climate is hot throughout the year, one may experience cool breeze that would bring some relief to travelers, but it is advisable to avoid the summer months due to the extreme heat.
      • Travelers feel most comfortable while travelling the city between the months of October and March. We recommend travelers to book their tickets and hotels in advance as the city can get quite crowded during peak season months.
      • The city has great historical significance and cultural value. Tourists, from all parts of the globe visit Kota for pleasure.
      Places To Visit
      Few Interesting Places
      The tour operators of India never miss to include Kota in their Rajasthan tour program due to its rich historical importance

      Some of the most entertaining places of Kota are:
      • Ummed Bhawan Palace
      • Chambal Garden
      • Nehru Garden
      • Chatravilas Udyan
      • Darrah National Park
      There are two museums
      • Maharao Madho Singh museum
      • Government museum
      In India, all the museums are maintained and protected by the Government of India and they have heritage and prestigious value.
      Picnic Spots and Waterfalls
      There are picnic spots, which provide great pleasure and peace of mind to the tourists. To new a few are
      • Bheetaria Kund
      • Kala Khet
      • Adhar Shila - It is a slanting rock, which is popular with the travelers.
      • Bhanvarkunj – It is a Chambal waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful locations of Kota.
      There are many worship places and these temples are regularly visited by the local travelers.
      Special Educational Tour
      • Kota is always included by the tour organizers, while arranging educational tours. Students have the advantage of gaining knowledge of the city, which has records from 12th century AD.
      • When students are visiting this city, experienced guides help them to explore the most exciting insights of the Indian history.
      Where To Stay
      Khimsar offers some of the best range of hotels, offering luxurious hospitality services to both national and international travelers.
      • There are hundreds of hotels in the city of Kota and travelers can arrange for their hotel rooms according to their budget.
      • Kota is popular for both luxury and budget hotels.
      • Travelers need not to worry about the hotel facilities, since all required amenities and services are offered by the leading hotels of Kota.
      The popular heritage hotels are:
      • Ummed Bhawan Palace
      • Palkiya Haveli
      How To Get There
      Kota is well connected with other important cities of India, by rail, air and by road.
      • By train - Kota is well connected with the Indian Railway system, with a number of trains crossing the city from all the major towns of the country.
      • By air -Flight travel is the most convenient way for international tourists. The nearest airport is in Jaipur, about 240 kilometers from Kota. There are special luxury buses available from the airport itself that would take you to the city.
      • By road -Reaching Kota by road is quite simple and the city is connected with National Highways. Travelling to Kota from Delhi or Mumbai is quite comfortable. Travelers have the facility to take special cabs and private taxis in order to reach Kota.

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