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      Terms & Conditions

      Cityguidepage governs all the rules and regulations under the Companies Act 1956. According to this act a company should have an identity number and also a resident office in any city of the country to maintain the full trust on that particular company. Cityguidepage is having an established office in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. All the details about the content and details available on the Cityguidepage can also be fetched from their Jodhpur office. Terms and policies followed by Cityguidepage are divided into many segments that are available as follows :
      1. Modification/ addition of Terms and conditions section : Cityguidepage is having full right to modify / addition of new policies in the terms and conditions sections without prior notice. So it will be better to keep an eye on those sections as this is the strength of Cityguidepage.   Suppose you are using the Cityguidepage from the last one year and then suddenly Cityguidepage stopped some of its rules or added some more terms then your account may be suspended by any staff member of the Cityguidepage if you failed to maintain that policy.  Appeal / Request made by the users will not be accepted. We recommend to all our members to keep checking the terms periodically so keep distance from the termination of your account.

      2. Copyright act 1985, should be followed : As Cityguidepage is emerging and there will be lots of content, graphics, banners, information will be available on the website. Members are requested not to use the content of the website in any other website otherwise according to DMCA policies the owner of that particular website [Where Cityguidepage content is reproduced] will be punished by the authorities and intimately his/ her website will be permanently removed from the Google.  So it will be better not to produce the content of Cityguidepage anywhere, but you can copy some of its parts to keep the information on your hardest for future purpose.

      3. Third party ads/ information : Cityguidepage will be having some external links to the third parties website, members are requested not to spam those websites as they are also the property of Cityguidepage and the guilty for the same will be permanently removed from the Cityguidepage.  In the future, Cityguidepage may sell the advertising spaces for external promotions and members are liable to use the external website on their own risk. Cityguidepage will not be having any control of the external links but we will try our level best to provide you the safe, virus free third party website to keep you in the safe side.

      4. How information is treated that are received by the members of Cityguidepage : We treat our members as the loyal and the pillars of the Cityguidepage and the information sent by the members went to the moderation queue and after approval by the moderators or by our recruited staff members then the information go live after the proper formatting and designing the full layout about that particular information.  Some other confidential details of the members like mobile number, address and profile pictures are treated and maintained in a very secured password protected area in our database to protect you from fraud emails. If still you receive any promotional email and you scammed by that email then Cityguidepage is not liable to pay even a single penny to the member.       

      5. We are free to approve or dis-approve any information posted by the member on any section of the Cityguidepage, any staff member of the Cityguidepage can delete or modify your existing posts without giving you any prior notice.  If you want to appeal the decision of the staff members then you can do it by simply sending an email to the owner of the website i.e. webmaster else you can use contact us form available on the homepage of the website.

      6. Links from the information posted by the member to an external website is only allowed with an no follow attribute. If any member caught playing with the rules of the Cityguidepage then his account may be terminated by from the website and he will not be able to use the services offered by the Cityguidepage.

      7. Spamming any section  of the Cityguidepage is prohibited and if we found anyone with the false and  in-appropriate information then he will be warned by the staff members and this may also leads to the per ban from the website if the members keep doing the same un-handled spamming.  Personal messages to other members are allowed until you want to keep working with the member, if any member report the Cityguidepage team about the mis-leading messages from the other member then he will be immediately banned from the Cityguidepage and all his posts will be straight a way deleted.

      8. We are having some official website partners,, and members are requested not to  post any  inappropriate information in those websites.  All the websites are about various subjects, if you really want to take advantage of them then you can simply join them with a new registration procedure.

      9. Posting of links to any website with third party ads and affiliates are strictly not allowed at Cityguidepage but you can advertise those third party websites in the form of banner spaces available in the websites.

      10. Posting any type of mis-leading or false information or to conflict the other member thoughts then your post is not entitled to get approval from the editorial panel of our website.  Hijacking of other member’s post is also comes in this type of spamming so try to minimize that and try build some interpersonal networking with the other members of the website.

      11. You may also be redirected to some other website which may be in appropriate to all the members so please open the third party websites from the banners available on Cityguidepage at your own risk. We don’t have any official linking with those website, if you provide any personal information in those website then Cityguidepage is not entitled to give attention to your security and reliability to you.

      Highlights of the Terms of use of Cityguidepage
      1. Cityguidepage is a portal to help you to reach any business of your interest in any of the city in the country.

      2. All the information posted by the members on Cityguidepage are confidential and we will not sell your personal details to any third party website.

      3. Content, logo’s, banners and posted information of the website are the property of Cityguidepage and reproducing these information are completed prohibited, if any website caught with the content of the website then it will be the against the DMCA policies and that website may be permanently deleted from the Google.

      4. Spamming any other members inbox may lead to de-activation of your account from Cityguidepage.

      5. Promotion of your business is only allowed if they are worth approving from the staff panel of Cityguidepage.  If for any reason member posted any promotional information without the approval of the staff members then he/ she will be punished with a limited time ban of his/ her account.

      6. Cityguidepage may change or modify any of its already published terms without giving any notification to the members. So members are requested to keep reading the highlights of the terms section of the Cityguidepage.

      7. Cityguidepage will never send you any promotional Email to your registered Email id. If you receive any such Emails then you need to inform the webmaster of the Cityguidepage as soon as possible otherwise any harm caused by that email will not be accepted and Cityguidepage will not be liable to give you any loss you made through that Email.

      8. Linking to any external website from any section by the member to websites like gambling and adult are never allowed from the Cityguidepage.  If you are redirected to any adult website from the promotional banners then you are free to report that in appropriate link to the webmaster, we will try to remove that banner as soon as possible.

      9. We may monitor your online activities if you are logged in to your Cityguidepage to maintain and handle all the risks of being scammed. This will help you to inform you from any type of cyber attack to your PC and help you to safe your Cityguidepage account.

      10. You may take information from the Cityguidepage for your personal use, you are not allowed to reproduce the content elsewhere on the web.

      Miscellaneous Terms
      Members of Cityguidepage are requested not to share your Cityguidepage accounts with any other person. Sharing of account or leasing of accounts is against the terms and conditions of Cityguidepage, if we found anyone doing this type of illegal work then he/ she will get instant ban from the Cityguidepage. The main purpose of Cityguidepage is to help the people to stay and live a comfortable life by providing them all the nearby information in just a few taps of their mobile screens also all the necessary business details like contact details of doctors, hospitals, colleges, architecture and even plumbers contact no. can be obtained through cityguidepage.

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